phpMyFAQ 2.9.11 Setup

Did you already read the documentation carefully before starting the phpMyFAQ setup?

Database setup

Please select your preferred database type.

Please enter the host or path to the socket of your database server.

Please enter your database user.

Please enter your database password.

Please enter your existing database name.

Please enter the full path to your SQLite datafile which should be outside your docroot.

Please enter a table prefix here if you want to install more phpMyFAQ installations on one database.

phpMyFAQ setup

Please select your default language.

Complexity of rights and permissions.

Please enter your real name.

Please enter your email adress.

Please enter your login name.

Please enter your password.

Please retype your password.

Elasticsearch setup

You can enable Elasticsearch later if you like.

Please enter the host (domain or IP) with port number of your Elasticsearch server.

Please enter your Elasticsearch index name.

Your password will be saved with a salted hash. You can change the encryption type for passwords in config/constants.php.